TEMPy2 is a Python library and set of tools for validating, fitting and refining atomic models in cryo-EM maps
TEMPy2 is open-source software with a GPLv3 license.
Get TEMPy2
$ pip install BioTEMPy==2.1.1

Checkout the Quickstart guide to get started.

TEMPy can do...


TEMPy2 offers a variety of local and global validation scores such as LoQFit, SMOC, SCCC and more.

Flexible Fitting and refinement

TEMPy-ReFF offers B-factor refinement and can produce ensembles which better explain underlying dynamics.

Assembly Fitting

Build models into low resolution density with γ-TEMPy using a genetic algorithm.

TEMPy in the wild

TEMPy is used in the following projects and papers